Enjoying the Motherhood Journey - Care to join me on the ride?

Enjoying the Motherhood Journey - Care to join me on the ride?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When life gives you poo...

...get a good quality diaper genie to dump the soiled diaper in.

Or, you can be like Ray and just leave the soiled diaper on top of the diaper genie so that it covers the lid and all its contents spill on the floor when you're changing a diaper in the middle of the night and trying to lift the lid to put in the new diaper (because of course, why would anyone not put the used diaper inside the genie?). It really only takes 3 seconds to wrap the soiled diaper and insert it into the genie; perhaps he's leaving it out to show me that "Hey, I changed the diaper. I'm so helpful. Look; now you put it away". I will never fully understand a man's way of thinking.

Last week Raychel was forced to become self-sufficient because I was occupied with my studies. I did feel guilty about this; but at the same time not. She got a chance to learn more herself and she was learning how to play. I would leave the bottle with "nai nai" (milk in cantonese) beside her and she figured out that if she was hungry, the only way to get her milk is to pick up her own bottle and put it inside her mouth. This only worked of course because since she was 1 month old she has been semi-holding her bottle so she made the connection from bottle to mouth early on.

Yesterday, out of pure curiosity, I gave her a Nuby sippy cup with handles on it and see whether or not she would drink from it. It was only filled with water. Sure enough, she put her two hands on the handle and after 4 or 5 times the spout finally reached her mouth. I was very proud. She was disappointed because it was "soy" (water) instead of "nai nai". Nonetheless, she drank it anyways. Ray came home in time just to catch her drinking from the sippy cup.

I think we need to buy more Nuby sippy cups - cool design, BPA free, easy to use and spillproof. I'll be on the lookout for them on sale.

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