Enjoying the Motherhood Journey - Care to join me on the ride?

Enjoying the Motherhood Journey - Care to join me on the ride?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Attending Baby Shows/Fairs

Product Sample Definition: A product sample is a sample of a consumer product that is given to the consumer so that he or she may try a product before committing to a purchase.
Baby Shows/Fairs can be quite exhausting and sometimes information ovcrload, especially if you're attending with a baby who requires your attention 24/7. Nonetheless, I find these fairs fun. I am guilty that the prime reason I go is for the free samples of anything that they give out. However, I would say that 75% of the time I will purchase the item if I feel that the product is ideal for me or my baby. It's important that the show is in a venue that has A/C for hot weather and heat for cold days. Also, there needs to be plenty of space so that you can easily manouver your stroller around. The baby show I attended recently was a great experience and I did learn a lot about all the food I can give her at certain stages of her life. So many innovative devices, strollers, storage containers, etc...I could have easily spent another day there just to take in all the informative seminars they had to offer. And of course, get another round of freebies LOL!

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